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JINA App Drawer & Sidebar

01 Jul 2016 App Of The Day

JINA App Drawer & Sidebar

by mobeedom .

  • JINA App Drawer & Sidebar
  • JINA App Drawer & Sidebar
  • JINA App Drawer & Sidebar
  • JINA App Drawer & Sidebar

Jina is an App Drawer replacement to easily launch and organize all your installed apps.

Are you looking for a faster app drawer replacement?
Do you want a sidebar always accessible to switch applications quickly?
Are you looking for an app organizer to automatically catalog your apps into tags and market categories?
Your launcher is not effective when you search for an app?
Are you tired of wasting time looking for an app that you had installed some time ago?
Can't find the app you just installed?

JINA is both, a quick App Drawer replacement and a Sidebar, designed to assist you to search, manage and catalog your apps either automatically or by custom tags. 
Some features:

★ organize and sort apps by name, install date, update date, usage, app store origin
★ quick launch sidebar, resizable and always accessible for multitasking and app search
★ fully customizable app drawer replacement
★ automatic app organizer for android
★ custom labels and app store categories based apps organizer
★ dynamic app folders on the home screen
★ totally customizable desktop folders
★ random game picker
★ apk export and share
★ fast app search, also with a T9 keyboard
★ apps uninstaller for rooted devices
★ the perfect appdrawer for MIUI roms
Full description : http://www.mobeedom.com/home/jina-app-organizer-features
For support and features requests : http://goo.gl/aD9mgG

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