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Shift Calendar

16 Dec 2016 App Of The Day

Shift Calendar

by Skedlab

  • Shift Calendar
  • Shift Calendar
  • Shift Calendar
  • Shift Calendar
  • Shift Calendar

Shift Calendar is a personal duty roster / shift planner designed to help shift workers stay on track of their busy work schedule.

Shift Calendar features:

* Calendar view
* Preset themes (Light and Dark)
* Add notes or reminders to individual dates 
* Show or hide week number next to calendar view
* Show or hide days from previous and upcoming months
* Create and color code your custom work shifts and display them on calendar with their name and time
* Set individual alarms for your shifts and select the melody to use for each alarm (available melodies varies per device)
* Create shift patterns (up to 6 weeks / 42 days) which allows you to quickly insert your shift plan / shift rotation on the calendar in just a few clicks
* Create multiple calendar profiles which you can use to add a second job schedule or to add your friends and family schedules 
* A variety of widgets to choose from (month, week and today) to help you stay on track of your work schedule and personal notes without even launching the application
* Monthly statistics (available in charts or list format) of your worked hours and estimated earnings all grouped by calendar and per shift
* Share / send your monthly work schedule (via SMS, Whatsapp, email ... etc) as a text message or screen capture (screenshot) of the calendar
* Set any day (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday ... etc) as first day of the week 
* Choose between 12 hour and 24 hour time format to display shift schedule on calendar
* While on "Edit Mode" you can select a range of dates (up to 42 dates) to insert your shifts instead of just one, you may also select dates out of sequence if needed 
* Display pay dates on calendar and widgets. Currently, the options available are: weekly, bi-weekly (fortnightly) and monthly 
* Snooze or dismiss the alarm from the home screen notification menu without needing to launch the application

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