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Design Nominees


  • ASQTeam


    ASQTeam creates FREE COOL FUN games that bring full-of-joy times for everybody. Millions of people around the world enjoy our games.

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  • Biztech Store

    Biztech Store

    Biztech Store not only builds extensions, apps and plugins; it also builds trust in their clients. Biztech Store was established in 2012, since then w...

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  • Hidden Brains UK

    Hidden Brains UK

    Hidden Brains is a one of the leading web and mobile app development companies based in the UK. We offer industry-focused IT solutions and a wide rang...

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  • Huemor


    Huemor is an award winning full service New York digital agency. We combine branded storytelling, web development, and user experience design to creat...

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  • Starodymov


    Если у вас есть интересная мобильная игра, то могу выступить в роли издателя. С ва...

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  • Aman Kumar

    Aman Kumar

    Create and discover iPhone Applications. Those apps developed by expert iOS Developer who has good experience and user concept.

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  • Voro Mkt

    Voro Mkt

    digital marketing agency

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  • YoStarduck


    Hi, i'm YoStarduck

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  • ENKI d.o.o.

    ENKI d.o.o.

    ENKI combines knowledge with unknown and creates digital experiences through storyscraping diferent elements and simple yet smart logic.

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  • Bifoz


    Bifoz it's a strategist & creative designer freelance based in italy, he loves building clean and functional web interfaces

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  • Layman Lab

    Layman Lab

    We make innovative digital tools and mobile apps for discovery, time management, productivity and convenience. Our products are built with complex sma...

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  • Movilfin


    Games development and app for mobile. #learn #japanese #ios #android #games #puzzle #indie #unity

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