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Baby beach Volleyball

Baby beach Volleyball

by PSV

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  • Baby beach Volleyball
  • Baby beach Volleyball
  • Baby beach Volleyball

The range of sports games with Hippo is renewed with a funny dynamic innovation! This time it will be funny volleyball with Hippo. But this is not a normal and well known volleyball for boys and for girls. Our new product is different from any ball games. Forget all the traditional and boring sports games. Hippo invites you and your child to play in the children beach volleyball.

What do you know about sports games, in particular about ball games? Probably, almost everything. But our curious Hippo is ready to amaze you and to present a real novelty! Such children's beach volleyball you have never seen before! Our playground is divided into two parts. One part is located at the seaside. Here our Hippo, her brother Ji and father Leo will play. A second part of the playground is a boundless blue sea.Guess who are your competitors? Real Funny dolphins! Your child has ever played with dolphins? No? No problem! You have a great chance to try something new! We can only add that our new product, as well as all of our educational games, is for children from two to six years.

Experience a fun sport game. Give your child the sea of joy by playing with cheerful dolphins. This new product, as well as all our games for boys and girls, is absolutely for free! Stay with us, stay tuned and give joy your children by playing with them in our free educational games.

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