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Basketball Swipe & Shoot | 3D

Basketball Swipe & Shoot | 3D

by Potenza Global Solutions

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  • Basketball Swipe & Shoot | 3D
  • Basketball Swipe & Shoot | 3D
  • Basketball Swipe & Shoot | 3D
  • Basketball Swipe & Shoot | 3D
  • Basketball Swipe & Shoot | 3D

For those who have a deep passion for the Basketball sport games, this real basketball swipe & shoot game is just for you.

Practice all the possible baseball shots with easy swipe & shoot features in this real basketball 3D game which hones your game skills. Swipe & shoot basketball is the number one basketball game which allows you to play basketball in a very fun ways. To begin playing the game, all you need to do is swipe and shoot the basketball in the hoop's direction and that's it you ready to go.

This Basketball Swipe & Shoot real 3d game is a fast paced arcade basketball machine game which lets you play basketball and also gives you basket hoop scores. The screen also displays global player's basketball scores. This real 3D basketball game comes with a built in ticket dispenser. Here, the basketball players are challenged to achieve the target basketball scores to move up to the upcoming level and endeavor to beat the highest basketball score. With this basketball game, a better player can play for a longer time. The more accurate your basketball shots through hoop, the higher will be your score. In this free basketball game, you need to shoot as many hoops as possible within a given time frame.

When you play the Basketball Swipe & Shoot 3d, you feel as if you are playing a real 3D basketball game on game zone. Your scores depends on how accurate your basketball shoot is, and the direction. With each level cleared in the game, you will find an increase in difficulty level in the upcoming stages. Play this Basketball Swipe & Shoot 3d game and hone your gaming skills.


Real Fun 3D Basketball Game Features:

1. Real 3D swipe and shoot basketball game
2. Play 3d basketball like a pro
3. Basketball scores to be earned within given time period
4. Basketball toss begins the game
5. Free game
6. Play well for playing the game for a long time


How to Play:

▶ ▶ Just swipe your finger to control throw direction and power.
▶ ▶ If shoot in continuous, You get a combo score.

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