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Garlic Diminshing - free

Garlic Diminshing - free

by bluestargame

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  • Garlic Diminshing - free
  • Garlic Diminshing - free
  • Garlic Diminshing - free
  • Garlic Diminshing - free

This is a very popular, easy to use casual games to eliminate class, gorgeous screen, cute cartoon characters, high playability, 300 well-designed levels. Is home travel, leisure, essential game to pass the time. Fast and friends to accept the challenge, to experience the fun crystal fruit garlic eliminated.

Eradication goals:
1. Link garlic fruits, eliminate many lovely garlic, once resolves several can explode frenzy effects.
2, as far as possible to eliminate all obstacles in order to get a high score.
3, the same six or more matching colors to produce jewels bombs.
4, so that the green stars, fell to the bottom of the gap, the challenge is successful, you are a hero.

Elimination Game description:
1, and slide your finger to the connection level, garlic, three or more of the same color can be eliminated.
2, to complete the assigned backlash goal in each level within the stipulated time

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