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Greedy Hero Runner

Greedy Hero Runner

by Davids Babrovskis

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2D , Runner , Hero
  • Greedy Hero Runner
  • Greedy Hero Runner
  • Greedy Hero Runner
  • Greedy Hero Runner
  • Greedy Hero Runner

Welcome to greedy hero runner. You must run trough many different areas to collect coins and bonuses. With golden coins you can buy new characters and background also some character upgrades. Beware of enemies and traps that can kill you. You can destroy them with ninja stars. 

-The longer you hold on you screen the higher your character jump.
- Press shuriken button to throw ninja star.

The game includes
-Random generated path (Every run different)
-Fast and easy to learn game play
-Simple colorful graphic
-Different enemies (Flying and ground)
-Exploding barrel
-Chest with hidden coins
-Unique soundtrack (different for every background)
In shop you can buy
-Multiple heroes (ninja, pumpkin, skull, knight, robot, bear, cowboy, mage,)
-Multiple backgrounds(Chinese village, future town, dark wood, garden, castle, candy land)
.-Character upgrades (Shield unlock, increase ninja star count)
-Also you can see your statistic (Best score, death count, how many enemies you have killed)

Greedy hero runner  is free to play.The game easy to learn but hard to master. So enjoy it! Increase your skills from every run you play and every challenge you defeat ! Good luck!

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