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Lion Vs Tiger 2 Wild Adventure

Lion Vs Tiger 2 Wild Adventure

by Ehtesham Haider

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  • Lion Vs Tiger 2 Wild Adventure
  • Lion Vs Tiger 2 Wild Adventure
  • Lion Vs Tiger 2 Wild Adventure

Play the most advanced Lion vs wild adventure 3D gamefor android and experience the thrill of being a real lion simulation to rule the wild animals jungle arena by hunting and killing your deadliest prey. Hunt out for the innocent animals simulator and increase your power for each upcoming level. You can increase your power by breeding and doubling up your cubs to take the deadliest wild animal down in Lion vs Tiger. Hunt them and prey on them to fulfill your hunger and to increase your power to be the real king of the jungle Lion vs Tiger.
Have you ever wanted to be the powerful lion to control jungle, wild animals and rule over the wildest animals by hunting? Then this lion vs wild adventure 3D simulation game is for you to turn your wish into a reality. In this game all you have to do is to control 3D lion in realistic environment to kill wild animals for your survival. In each level you will encounter different animals in order to increase your power for the upcoming levels. Feed this lone, hungry and wild lion to fulfill its appetite in amazing 3D graphics and superb controls.
It has some distinctive features which makes it a must having 3D android game, including:
• Maps to find opponent animals
• Energy level to keep track of your powers
• Realistic environment
• Breeding to increase your family
• Quality control
• 50 plus levels to fulfill your lion madness against wild animals
Locate your prey and hunt them by controlling this furious and angry 3D environment Lion vs Tiger. This is not just a game, but a game which forces you to complete all levels in one go. Smash, knock and hit deadly wild animals and be the triumphant lion by collecting and increasing your power. Download this amazing and thrill filled adventure game and get the maximum out of your free time.

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