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Puzzles for little Kids

Puzzles for little Kids

by PSV

  • Puzzles for little Kids
  • Puzzles for little Kids
  • Puzzles for little Kids
  • Puzzles for little Kids

Glad offer you a new kids game - Puzzles with Hippo. Our Baby Hippo funny character, which is so loved all children. This game contains almost all kinds of puzzles. If you love to play with the kids, you will love this game!

The choice of two modes: adventure and level selection:
Our kids game designed for boys and girls from 2 to 7 years. Games for preschoolers are developed taking into account the wishes of the kids psychologists.

- Adventure is the main mode. In this mode, you select one of the games and collect all the pictures in this category.
After solving all the puzzles in one category - opens a link and you can download your favorite game with Baby Hippo: Kids Supermarket, Baby Shop or Baby Talking Phone and many other great games.

- In the second mode, you can collect pictures of games with Baby Hippo only the type selected.

In any case, kids will take a lot of happy moments in solving our puzzles that on the one hand they are quite capable and the other is an excellent opportunity to spur creativity, logical thinking, fine motor skills of hands for both boys and girls.

A huge variety of tasks in a free game. All the puzzles are based on a series of games with Hippo.

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