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Salt Bae - Turkish Butcher

Salt Bae - Turkish Butcher

by Abyssal studio

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  • Salt Bae - Turkish Butcher
  • Salt Bae - Turkish Butcher
  • Salt Bae - Turkish Butcher

Salt Bae the hot Turkish butcher is now on android! Salt the meat or cut it!

Do you know Salt bae the internet star, this hot Turkish butcher who cuts the meat like no one? Play as Salt bae right now in this excellent arcade game!

Cut the meat or salt it as it's needed! Be quick but without doing any mistakes to do the best score!
Tap on your screen left or right depending on the meat, and go as fast as you can because the clock is ticking! Miss one time and it's lost, empty the time counter and it's also lost! Do not confuse speed and precipitation!

To salt the meat, tap the left of your screen, to cut tap the right! Not so easy to be a Turkish butcher, mostly when you're called "Salt Bae"!

*Salt or cut the meat as fast as you can and without doing any mistake*
*Play as Salt Bae, the hot Turkish butcher*
*Do the best score and share it with your friends*
*Compare your score with all players around the world*

An hilarious arcade game, combining speed and rigor, play now Salt Bae - Turkish Butcher!

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