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Design Nominees

Art Direction

  • Starodymov form Russia

    Если у вас есть интересная мобильная игра, то могу выступить в роли издателя. С вас интересная игра, с меня пиар игры.

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  • Karab Apps form India

    Our dedicated team make android apps and games. Everyone can enjoy playing New Brain Game, Educational Game and Creating Glorious Pictures album.

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  • NETDIVER form South Korea

    * Full of cute characters and beautiful background illustrations! * For enhancing children’s reasoning ability and sensitivity! * Enjoy this exciting and educational puzzle through Underground world, underwater, ground, sky, and space! Whenever you have any questions, please contact us! Our representative email address is kidsyam@kidsyam.com.

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  • Christmas Day form Australia

    Christmas Day ▲ Simply the most beautiful holiday gift for iPhone and iPod touch. Brand new to iOS, Christmas Day takes the countdown app genre to the next level putting a modern and fresh spin on the traditional musical box with high production values, neat features and dynamic VoiceOver accessibility — now hearing Christmas Day is like seeing Christmas Day. Christmas Day is designed to be shared as a gift through the App Store with friends and family. Everyone can enjoy numbering all the days towards the 25th of December as warm nostalgic music box tones play merrily along to a delightful and unique minute long animation sequence. From today forward, each and every day becomes a magical Christmas Day. iNFLiGHT is a creative enterprise based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, focusing on lovely experiences that are sincere and accessible for everyone. iNFLiGHT makes Christmas Day for iPhone and iPod touch. www.ChristmasDay.ooo

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  • Michele Tenaglia form Italy

    I am a graphic designer, web designer and illustrator from Italy. I love typography, vintage style and details.

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  • B2Bdesign.net form Ukraine

    My name is Alexander. I am UI / UX / Web & Identity designer with 12+ years of work experience. I specialize on digital UI/UX and branding solutions. I love to create awesome animated interfaces with WOW effect. Interested in a remote work as a freelancer. Have a new interesting project? — Feel free to pitch your story at 1b2bdesigner@gmail.com

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  • KidDotCo form

    We are not like any ordinary Robots. We understand that projects aren’t just about churning out work that looks nice, there is more to it than that. We believe every job is unique and unlike normal robots, we put real heart in to everything we do.

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  • Artmakerz form Brazil

    Artmakerz is a digital agency focused on providing services to startups.

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  • Grey Ooi form Malaysia

    Freelancer, Hybrid Web Designer

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  • Colin Simpson Design form U.S.A.

    I am a coastal dwelling UX designer from San Diego who helps elevate experiences for big and small brands alike. I love creating polished designs and engaging interactions. I have a traditional design background with the technical chops for today's demanding user.

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