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100% Brain Capacity Brainwaves

100% Brain Capacity Brainwaves

by allseo

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  • 100% Brain Capacity Brainwaves
  • 100% Brain Capacity Brainwaves
  • 100% Brain Capacity Brainwaves

These binaural beat treatments are created to synchronize your brain and unlock its divine potential. Use this mental source code to connect every element of your brain.


Use this mental source code to connect every element of your brain. Synchronize your left and right cerebral hemispheres to uncover its birth-given capabilities.


+ unlock your 100% brain power


+ sprint-learn, directly into your long-term memory and boost your memory

+ stay 100% concentrated in your mental flow state

+ find zen-like clarity

+ enjoy 100% competitive focus

+ work and learn at your full cognitive potential


With 100% Brain Capacity we combine the work on the newest neuroscientific research together with divine wisdom of ancient traditional cultures. Find the best in one brain boosting app from


+ binaural and isochromatic beats (brain waves)


+ bionic neuro-light codes (imagery, manifesting)

+ divine Solfeggio-frequencies and

+ natural, medical music rhythms.



EEG measured brain waves give insight into a person's mental state. Low brain waves are measured during sleep and relaxation. The more concentrated and focused a person is, the higher the brain wave vibrations. Problems arise when 1) the brain works on the wrong frequency for a specified activity 2) the brain waves change erratically or 3) different frequencies occur in different regions of the brain. This can range from ADHD and depression to serious mental disorders.


+ THETA Waves (4-8 Hz)


Reduced consciousness, dreams, light sleep and deep relaxed meditation,. Binaural Beats are “sleep”, while high binaural beats in THETA Waves are used for hypnosis and affirmations and perfect for deep, binaural meditation.


+ ALPHA Waves (9-13 Hz)


Physically and mentally relaxed, awake but drowsy, when falling asleep or waking up by your own in the morning. The transition between alpha waves and beta waves is particularly significant for binaural beat treatments because that is the point between consciousness and subconsciousness.


+ BETA Waves (14-30 Hz)

Awake & normal alert consciousness. Perfect for relaxed focus, learning but in high BETA Waves for “Flow” state.


+ GAMMA waves (30+ Hz)

Heightened perception, very focused but also high alertness and stress. This can be very useful for high concentration tasks like exams, a competition or very focused binaural meditation like shaolin monks.




This app uses powerful deep-flash-codes, binaural power-beats and medical rhythms to directly affect your mind and physical body (brain waves). In cases of sensitivity, depression, tics, or mental instability please contact your medical expert BEFORE using the treatments in this app.




As new studies have shown, brain waves can be directly affected by binaural and isochromatic beats. With alternate, consistent frequencies in the left and right ears, the brain automatically works to achieve balance and hear the superimposed frequency. The brain waves synchronize in resonance with the target frequency. This effect is reinforced by isochromatic beats and visualizations.

These treatments lead you directly into the respective state and generate the intended, consistent brainwaves, while committing to memory helping you to permanently control, exploit and expand your full potential.


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