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ABC Kids Learning

ABC Kids Learning

by RedBeriApps

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  • ABC Kids Learning
  • ABC Kids Learning

Your child will learn the correct English Alphabet and number up to 100.
This is a free kids learning game for your toddler to learn English. It is designed to help kids gain pre-school and kindergarten knowledge at home.
This educational game will help you with your kid learning activities and to teach your small kids in a better way.

The Kids Learning game contains various information for kids, such as:
Alphabets: Complete English alphabets from A to Z with beautiful graphics and voice, such as A for Apple and B for Ball.
Numbers: 0 to 100 with voice to help kids.
This ABC game will help your kids to identify objects as well as help them with pronunciation.

ABC Kids Learning game is quite simple to use.
Simply click on any image like apple or ball and you will hear an audio of it, the same with numbers and alphabets.

Kids can learn everything so fast, so this app is designed to help out parents for their kindergarten and pre-school babies’ education. We hope that this app will provide some basic knowledge of alphabets and numbers to your kids.

Simple to use free package
Includes capital and small letter for each alphabet
Kids learning math, numbers from 1 to 100
Kids learn ABC with audio pronunciation

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