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Agencia Calculator

Agencia Calculator

by web design agency torino

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  • Agencia Calculator
  • Agencia Calculator
  • Agencia Calculator
  • Agencia Calculator

For your everyday needs, you can use this amazing app agencia seo for Android to calculate all basic math calculations. We've designed Advance Calculator Pro with simplicity, usability, and beauty in mind! UI is sleek and easy to use, exactly like a handheld PDA. It's perfect for everyday use because the buttons are so large and clear. As well as the big buttons, the large fonts are easier to see. It also works in portrait or landscape mode.


It makes you feel like you are using an old-school personal digital assistant, plus the live history feature makes it useful. Calculations from the past can be easily tracked. In addition, the calculations display what you just entered, so there is no risk of accidentally entering the same number twice. Easy-to-read LED display displays your calculations with commas placed exactly where they should be. It can be used for everything from shopping to homework to balancing checkbooks and even calculating taxes.

Feature in Adance Agencia Calculator

+ Large LCD feature for easy readability
+ Swipe Memory Keys
+ Equal key works like the last answer
+ Calculation history Saved Option
+ Useful tool for Home, Office, Stores, or Student

If you find any problem feel free to contact us. We love your feedback.

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