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26 Dec 2023 App Of The Day


by ArabGPT

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The "AiQarat" app is a comprehensive platform for buying, selling, and renting real estate in Iraq. It provides users with a seamless and effective experience dealing with real estate matters. Here's an overview of the app's features:

Easy and Comprehensive Browsing:

The app offers a simple and integrated user interface that makes it easy for users to explore various options available for sale, purchase, or rent. Users can browse properties based on their specific requirements such as location, size, and available amenities.

Detailed Listings:

Users can easily add their own listings, including accurate information about the property, such as photos, area, and price. This ensures providing sufficient information for those interested in the property.

Direct Communication:

The app facilitates direct communication between the seller and the buyer or the landlord and the tenant. This streamlines negotiation processes and ensures a clear understanding of each party's requirements.

Advanced Search:

The advanced search feature offers multiple options to narrow down the search and quickly find the ideal property, whether based on location or property type.

Security and Reliability:

The app ensures a safe and reliable environment for users, carefully reviewing advertisements to verify the accuracy of information and avoid any fraudulent activities.

Reviews and Ratings:

Users can provide ratings and leave reviews about their experiences, helping build trust in the community.

By using the "AiQarat" app, searching for the perfect property in Iraq becomes a straightforward and enjoyable process.


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