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04 Jul 2019 App Of The Day


by XongoLab

  • Aktivo
  • Aktivo
  • Aktivo
  • Aktivo
  • Aktivo


  • If you want to control of your goals & live a more healthy life! Then Aktivo is the right choice for you. This app is not just a step counter like every other fitness app, they provide Aktivo score for your better lifestyle. The Aktivo score® is measured by evaluating everyday data using a proprietary and scientifically derived algorithm to analyze your physical activity and sleep. You can also join the Aktivo community, where you can see other people's active scores and challenge each other with scores.

How it works!

  • Install the app on your smartphone & you can start your Aktivo journey. Add the required data in your app & Aktivo score will show you how healthy you are in your daily life, It also provides an important guide for your routine.

App features

  • Masure your every day steps
  • Get your own Aktivo score
  • Connect with your smart band
  • Challenge your community
  • Share your experience with your friends & family

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