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by Anna Chebanova

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  • Alias

"Alias - guess word board game" is a new version of the world-famous Alias board game. The objective of Alias is to explain words to team members. For each word that's correctly guessed by one of your teammates, your team gets a point. Our app lets you play Alias anywhere without a ton of paper cards and a board.

The best feature of Set Alias is it's themed sets of words. We’ve already prepared Space, Party and Food sets. We’re planning to make lots more soon. You can also play the standard Alias to set your difficulty level and play with a random set of words.

A separate Alias game mode for kids with pictures alongside words is also available in this version.
Set Alias is an awesome game for both small and large groups. Having a party or a picnic? Don’t know what to do with your family on a rainy day? You could play Set Alias. It’s great for all ages. All you need is at least four people and the app.

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