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All-In-One Recorder

20 Jul 2022 App Of The Day

All-In-One Recorder


  • All-In-One Recorder
  • All-In-One Recorder
  • All-In-One Recorder
  • All-In-One Recorder
  • All-In-One Recorder

- Records call, audio, video and screen.
- Recordings can be done in the background, while working with other apps.
- Floating record control.
- Full customization on the quality of each type of recordings.
- Pause and resume all recordings.
- Resizable camera previews.
- No watermarks in screen and camera recordings.
- Recordings are saved in local device in shared paths.
- Limit recordings for a specified duration of time or file size.
- Recordings stored in shared public folder.
- Record video or screen without voice.

Call Recorder
- Automatically records incoming and outgoing calls.
- Pause and resume recording while on call.
- Customizable quality settings.
- Automatic and manual recording.

Audio Recorder
- Record audio in the background.
- High quality voice recorder.
- Customizable audio quality.

Video Recorder
- Records video silently through front or rear camera.
- Configure preview. With or without preview.
- Records while working on other tasks.

Screen Recorder
- Records your phone screen in the background.
- Enable camera preview while recording.
- Switch to front or rear camera while recording.
- One click recording.
- Record in high or low quality.
- Can record screen during a video or VoIP call.
- Full HD and higher quality recordings.

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