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AMC Cleaner - Super Phone Booster & CPU Cooler

24 Jan 2020 App Of The Day

AMC Cleaner - Super Phone Booster & CPU Cooler

by IObit

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  • AMC Cleaner - Super Phone Booster & CPU Cooler
  • AMC Cleaner - Super Phone Booster & CPU Cooler
  • AMC Cleaner - Super Phone Booster & CPU Cooler
  • AMC Cleaner - Super Phone Booster & CPU Cooler
  • AMC Cleaner - Super Phone Booster & CPU Cooler
  • AMC Cleaner - Super Phone Booster & CPU Cooler
  • AMC Cleaner - Super Phone Booster & CPU Cooler

AMC Cleaner, only 4.58M in size, is the lite version of famous AMC Security, which has 20million+ users worldwide. With many powerful features like Deep Space Clean, APP Clean (Whatsapp), and Game Booster, AMC Cleaner is devoted to cleaning and boosting your Android, and making your phone run as fast as it can!

What are the main features of AMC Cleaner?

✔ One Tap Clean

✔ Deep Space Cleaner

✔ Dedicated App Clean

✔ CPU Cooler

✔ Super Phone Booster

✔ Close top power-consuming apps

✔ Hibernate auto-started apps

✔ Game Booster

✔ Powerful App Manager


You can clean your WhatsApp now with AMC Cleaner:

►AMC Cleaner helps to analyze WhatsApp usage and clean up Junks Files, Image messages, Video messages, Voice Messages, Audio Messages, Documents, etc. to free up more storage.

► Clean other social apps (Messenger, Snapchat, etc. ) also available

You can specifically clean your other social apps' image Caches, video caches, image Thumbnail Cache, video caches, updates, download files, etc.


How does AMC Cleaner help you free up more memory and save more space for your phone?

One Tap Clean -- You just need only one-tap to quickly clean all Cache junks (System caches, App caches), Residual junks, File Junks (Log file, Temp file, Empty file, Invalid File), Ad junks, Memory junk to free up more storage and memory.

Deep Space Cleaner -- Space Cleaner is especially for deep clean of your phone. Scan and Clean Images, Audios &videos files, Big files that you don't need anymore to save more storages. Also, you can clean useless APK files, downloaded files, uninstall rarely used apps to save more save more space for your phone.

App Manager -- Clean and uninstall unnecessary apps and APK files, manage preinstalled app to free up more phone storage; boost the most power consumption app to save more phone battery.


How does AMC Cleaner help you speed up your phone?

Phone Booster -- A quick booster to free up RAM, clean background tasks.

Boost and hibernate running and auto-restarted apps to free up more RAM (memory).

CPU Cooler -- Analyze CPU usage and boost overheating apps to cool down phone temperature.


Especially for gamers:

Powerful Game Booster

Clean your phone memory to get the speed boost. AMC Cleaner helps you to kill background processes to boost game you choose. Automatically boost games by 50%+ when launching.


Other important feature of AMC Cleaner:

►Clean thumbnail Cache Files, video caches from your album

APP Initialization -- Analyzing and clean all of your app data to save more storage


AMC Cleaner does everything you need to free up more storage, and speed up your phone!

If you have any questions or suggestions about using AMC Cleaner, contact us via amcsupport@iobit.com, we will get back to you within 24 hrs.


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