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Amusement park app

12 Apr 2020 App Of The Day

Amusement park app

by Brickhouse Games

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  • Amusement park app

Your companion for every leisure fun,


our app contains an unprecedented concept with a close integration of our community! Based on our Freizeitparkcheck.de forum, this app networks users in all parks and offers the option of exchanging pictures and current information such as waiting times and status reports. Users can see live which other users are also in the respective park.

Visited parks can be rated in several categories to give other users a quick overview.

The best: The range of features applies to all amusement parks in Europe!


Do you like to be in different amusement parks?

Are you looking for parks you've never been to?

Do you also like to visit fun pools and saunas?

In this amusement park app you will find all information clearly and quickly, based on the most extensive amusement park forum in Europe.


Features of the app:


Overview of many parks:

Our database already contains over 320 leisure, theme & water parks and over 8000 attractions and shows. These are available to you with opening times, admission prices, attractions (via a list or map) and other details.



Spontaneously want to visit a park or are you on vacation? Then the location on the main page of the app shows you the closest 10 parks in your area.



Each user can rate parks and the individual attractions of the parks in various categories (thematization, cleanliness, attractiveness, gastronomy, etc.) and thus share their experiences with others.


Networking with users:

In the overview you can see which park users are in and can also contact them in a chat at the same time.

You can upload your own pictures and share your experiences with other fans. The images are automatically assigned to the respective park.


Waiting times:

Help the other users by entering waiting times for the attractions so that you all know how long the waiting times are and you don't have to queue too long. You can also find out from home how long the waiting times are. The waiting times are clear for you to look up in a table.



For much more information, help, questions or a lively exchange, you can also access our extensive forum via the app:




Find all of our channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube via the Community tab, or simply send us an email.


Parks and attractions check in & out:

The app doesn't just offer you a simple coaster counter. Here you can count every park and EVERY attraction that you have driven and that is listed in the app. These are of course displayed in a ranking.



The schedule and radio can now be easily accessed via the app.



Now all parks and from a certain zoom level the respective attractions are also gathered on a common map. You no longer have to bother with the annoying and often inaccurately drawn parking plans, but see directly on the map where you are and which attraction is located.


Book accommodation directly.

Find the right hotel near the park at the push of a button, thanks to the practical connection to our partner Booking.com you also benefit directly from the offers of the hotels near the park.


The Plus membership

The new Plus Membership feature will be the first InApp purchase we have developed.

This area offers other special functions such as the app and the forum to use without advertising and also the measurement and publication of G-forces during a trip. The route to your selected park is also possible here directly from the app.


As usual, the InApp purchase can be made directly in the app.

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