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Ever want to let the phone answers the call automatically when you are driving, or riding a bicycle, or busy doing something with both hands, or simply don't want to press that little button because your hands are dirty, then this app is for you.

"Smart Answer & Callback" does only one thing and it does it well, it auto answers your calls for you so now it can truly be called "hands-free".

Even more, it can also detect that a Bluetooth hands-free device is connected and automatically enable the auto answer, then disable auto answer when the Bluetooth device is disconnected.

Program features:
- Auto answer, if the call is in your contacts.
- Auto callback to selected call.
- Call to the selected.
- It works only when a headset is connected.
- The task execution delays.

Support Android 8

Promo codes full versions on http://magdelphi.ru/

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