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Anti Theft Alarm & Motion Alarm, Mobile Tracker

06 Feb 2021 App Of The Day

Anti Theft Alarm & Motion Alarm, Mobile Tracker

by Mehran Nadeem

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  • Anti Theft Alarm & Motion Alarm, Mobile Tracker
  • Anti Theft Alarm & Motion Alarm, Mobile Tracker
  • Anti Theft Alarm & Motion Alarm, Mobile Tracker

Anti Theft Alarm app, secure your mobile phone From unknown person, new style anti theft app, like Don’t touch my phone and full battery alarm app. Keep your phone secure with this Mobile Safety Alarm or Theft Security alert app.

Summery Of Anti Theft Alarm and Full Battery Alarm:

If Don’t Touch My Phone or free phone security app exist in your mobile phone, then Don’t worry No one can stolen and touch your mobile phone without your permission. Take Your mobile Phone any where in your surrounding like room, office, pocket, bag and even you keep mobile on charge, no one can touch your Mobile phone Antifurto de celular or Anti theft Alarm Mobile tracker, because we add new function to Theft Alarm app which is battery alarm full charge or motion alarm. If some one touch your mobile or unplug from charge, will start burglar alarm and you will be active that someone touch your mobile phone with the help of free phone security app. Burglar alarm or theft security alert app is totally customized You can select tone on your choice set grace time, set alarm volume low to maximize Download It Now and keep your mobile secure every time.

How To Use Theft Alarm App or full battery Alarm App ?

- Login to Anti Theft Alarm mobile tracker with your personal Email Id.
- The email will be used in future to reset your pin code.
- Select Mode which you need to secure your mobile eg: Motion alarm
- The active mode will start burglar alarm to inform you that someone touch your mobile
phone alarm
- Don't worry You can Change the Settings of grace time, volume,tone,help and new Pin
- Battery alarm full charge and theft Security Alert
- You can Easily activate and deactivate your active service.
- Kids, family member or friends can use your mobile, but don’t worry Don’t touch my
phone will inform you.
- Download It now From Play store if you want to Secure your mobile phone with Antifurto
de celular.

Features of Don’t touch my phone alarm Or Anti Theft App:

+ Login Function
+ Motion Alarm
+ Proximity Alarm
+ Battery alarm full charge
+ Anti Theft Alarm Mobile tracker
+ Burglar alarm
+ Enter Pin to deactivate Security mode
+ Customize Grace Time
+ Free Phone Security
+ Don't touch my phone alarm app
+ Set Tone with you own interest
+ Set Volume low to maximize
+ Help Question Answer
+ Reset Pin Code
+ Theft security alert or Theft Alarm app
+ Antifurto de celular
+ Full Secure if you for get pin You can
+ Get it with your selected email

Note: if You like Our Anti Theft Alarm phone security or Antifurto de celular then give your feedback and if you think that we add more function related to Don’t touch my phone alarm App plus full battery alarm, then kindly share with us, our team will add it. Your feedback will be our compliment.

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