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13 Dec 2017 App Of The Day


by IrrationalBit

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The only camera app that applies filters and live effects and allows you to take unique photos using features like HDR, ZOOM, AUTOFOCUS. Real-time photo editing with filters preview!

Your photos and selfie will be unique and unrepeatable thanks to the presence of filters that are processed out of the ordinary, which you can apply live.

AnView is the first complete camera app that allows you to resume the environment around you by applying live filters, making your photos unique and with the best graphics designed by Luca Sanchirico / thinkingdesign.it

The application is based on sophisticated and advanced image-processing techniques, captures video input from your smartphone's camera, processes it and simultaneously returns modified images directly to your device's display, allowing you to shoot photo.
This process is expensive but AnView is optimized to ensure a high framerate for a unique user experience.
Camera app - Anview uses OpenSource OpenCV framework for image processing.


__________ Filters __________

__________ Mode __________

__________ Functions __________

You can resume the surrounding environment by applying 18 different types of live filters, using standard features typical of a classic camera and at the same time sharing features across different social networks.

Download Anview - Camera and Photo filters and have fun by applying new filters, taking photos and looking at the reality that surrounds you from another perspective; all with extreme simplicity.

Soon we will release new updates that will include new features including new filters, the ability to edit your photos even after shots, the ability to mix filters and why not even make videos using the same technique.

It is welcome to report bugs to our email address to further enhance our user experience.

Download now AnView, do not hesitate, transform the world with your fingers.

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