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Audio Lab

Audio Lab

by Claude Newman

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Audio Lab is the ideal app for music fans, as it lets them easily add some colour and great visuals when listening to music. It offers volume, pitch and beat detection.

Watch the balls bounce off each other in Mosh Pit, explore alien worlds with World Explorer, be dazzled by the explosions in Flocking, bop to the beat with Beat goes on, Rainbow and Leafy ... or just chill to some colourful clouds.

You can get to options and controls by swiping in from the right side of the screen. Touch the main screen to make it disappear.

- Multiple visualizers and tools
- Easy controls to load previous/next song
- Pause the microphone input
- Export current frame of data to csv
- Show the current visualizer
- FFT shows the resultant frequency wave
- dbFS shows volume across frequency's.
- Notes displays recognised notes
- Beat detection shows BPM

Note that the app uses microphone input that can detect external music being played, but it's at its best when music is played via the same device.

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