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BaKhabar Kissan

BaKhabar Kissan

by Switch Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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BaKhabar Kissan is Jazz’s Application exclusively dedicated to Pakistani farmers and designed to help them to make informed decisions by accessing customized agricultural information related to their need. This application is for farmers and provides latest market rates, weather forecast, agricultural advisory, best practice tips, animal husbandry, section to buy products and all agriculture related news and government schemes.

App is divided into subsections, information for each is provided below
CROPS: The Crops module of the application provides farmers with best practices on how to grow and maintain their farm. We provide the most useful information possible to the farmer for example: crop varieties, fertilizer usage, production environment, maize utilization, soil requirements and preparation, fertilizer requirements, seed rate, method of sowing, pests and diseases, and irrigation requirements.
LIVESTOCK: The Livestock module of the application offers farmers with best practices on how to manage their livestock. We provide an incredible amount of useful information ranging from: General information, breeds, diseases, housing, vaccinations, and many other relevant topics. Each page will also incorporate text-to-speech for listeners.
PRODUCTS: The Products module allows users to find respectable and groundbreaking products that they can use. For each product we display an image, the name of the product, the company that makes them, and the price of the product. We also give you the option to call the manufacturer directly. We also show you locations of dealers of those products nearest to you, letting you call them directly from the application.
MARKET INFORMATION: The Market Rates module is the quickest way to find out the prices of various commodities throughout Pakistan. These rates will be updated every single day using sources all throughout Pakistan. We use your location to provide you with the rates most relevant to your location.
WEATHER UPDATES: The Weather module informs you of the weather in your location. We use your location to provide the weather for the next 5 days in 3 hour increments. Each interval displays the temperature, a description, humidity, cloud cover, wind speed, and wind direction.
VIDEOS: The Videos module provides users with an exciting set of informational agriculture videos.
CONTACT US: The Contact Us module provides a way for you to directly connect with our IVR system.

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