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BeatDrops Pads Pro - Music Maker

BeatDrops Pads Pro - Music Maker

by Brickhouse Games

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  • BeatDrops Pads Pro - Music Maker
  • BeatDrops Pads Pro - Music Maker
  • BeatDrops Pads Pro - Music Maker
  • BeatDrops Pads Pro - Music Maker
  • BeatDrops Pads Pro - Music Maker
  • BeatDrops Pads Pro - Music Maker

Have you ever wanted to make music and make beats on your smartphone or tablet? Well, now you can!

Are you looking for an app that can give you access to thousands of samples from BeatDrops? 

Do you want to have your own music studio and rap studio where you can make music? 

Are you looking for a very easy to use music creator app where you can make stunning music to jam to?

If your answer to any one of these questions is yes, then you will have to download and install BeatDrops Pads Pro – Making Music Fun on your Android smartphone or tablet because it is just the perfect app for you right now...

Download BeatDrops Pads Pro and start creating music and beats for Free on your Android smartphone or tablet. We provide all the best and simple music making jam tools in one app. 

Furthermore, our beats creator app has a perfect user interface design to simplify the music creation process for our users. This is really a powerful app that everyone can use to produce mindblowing results. 

Why do you need to download and install BeatDrops Pads Pro on your device instead of other rap studio and music studio apps?

✓ Very easy to use interface. We guarantee that everyone can use our app easily and you don't have to watch any tutorial to learn how to use it. Even if you are a beginner or advanced music creator you can still create stunning tracks using our app.
✓ Our app is Free and you can start using it without paying anything.
✓ An unrestricted access to thousands of samples from BeatDrops. Pads Pro lets you randomly download new samples for you to play!
✓ You have 12 big sound pads which you simply tap to play a sound. Where you press the pad determines the volume of the sound played.
✓ Perfect Interface that will make it easier for anyone to fully access all of our app features and functions. 

Individual Pad Options!
For each Pad, you can Reload, Change and Stop the Pad Sample. 
You can Lock the sample in so it is never changed. 
You can also set the sample to LOOP PLAY infinitely!
There are 6 styles of samples Drums, Bass, Chords, Synths, Misc and Vocals.
Multi-Touch Support - Tap up to 5 pads at the same time!

Random Samples!
When you Press "New!" Pads Pro uses your settings to download 12 new samples from BeatDrop's sample library, including snares, kicks, guitars, flutes, and synths!
But you have options to choose what style of samples for example drums or bass. 
You can also select to only download random loops.

We give you 66 PadPoints for Free when you start using Pads Pro.
When you download new samples or record, it will use PadPoints.
Activating custom options uses more PadPoints
You can easily buy more PadPoints from the PadPoints Shop in the app!

Record MP3!
Press Record and compose your cool beat which is then recorded to mp3 using your mic in real-time!

What are you waiting for?
Download BeatDrops Pads Pro – Making Music Fun and get the best beats creator app ever.

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