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BHM File Manager

16 Apr 2019 App Of The Day

BHM File Manager

by Bhima Apps

  • BHM File Manager
  • BHM File Manager
  • BHM File Manager
  • BHM File Manager
  • BHM File Manager
  • BHM File Manager
  • BHM File Manager
  • BHM File Manager

BHM File Manager - The most efficient file manager for android. Manage, share and transfer your files easily and efficiently with BHM File Manager.

We give you a Memory Analyzer 
Memory Storage Analyzer to see how much memory each file or folder is using.
See the files in explorer with their memory usage and sorted in descending order.

You can manage all the application APK's present in your phone memory either installed or directly copied from any source. You have the option to take backup of applications and install them back in your phone.

File manager helps you save memory space by compressing files and folders in the memory
Compress and Decompress any number of files.
Just long press on one of the file to activate selection or just click Mark in the menu.

Easy to use side menu bundled with handy features like show or hide the hidden files, grouped together the everyday use files like Images, Videos and Documents. 
All of your important files that you want to have a look at are just a click away.
No need to scan through folders under folder to find an image you clicked or a video saved through your favorite messaging app.

And yes we do the basic stuff as well.
Open, Copy, Paste, Transfer, Move, Delete, Rename and lots more.
We also keep history of your clipboard so you remember what you copied last time.

We also support USB OTG storage, you can easily browse through the contents on your USB storage. 

Do all the stuff with just one app. Manage all your files with this file manager app.
Download and Enjoy File Manager Android App.

Memory Analyzer : The memory analyzer gives you a much better understanding of files on your device. It shows you a sorted list of files based on their size. You also see how much space each file and folders are using.

Pictures, Music, Movies, Video : These are the folders in your mobile storage for your personal media files. You can easily move or place any picture, music, video or other files you want to your android device.

App Manager : Easily manage your all downloaded apps (Uninstall, Backup & Share). You can uninstall the unwanted app directly from the File Manager app. 

Safe & Secure : This File Manager is completely based on local file management. There is no risk of any data loss & leakage. This File Manager android app is completely safe & secure.

Smart File Browsing : Easily browse your files by category right from File Manager home screen videos, music, images, applications and downloaded items.

File Compression : Save memory space on the drive for other important files. Compress files together and recover them later when needed to save space. The File Manager allows you to compress & decompress ZIP files.

Device Storage & SD Card Storage : Easy view of used storage & balance storage in your device memory & SD card.

USB OTG Support : File Manager supports USB storage that you connect to your phone. Manage and browse files on your USB storage on the go.

Clipboard : A easy to use clipboard for all the items you copy and move in your phone. We keep the history of such tasks with us for your convenience.

Download : Downloaded file are saved here, you are free to move them elsewhere. You can easily view these file in the Download folder.

Disclaimer : We do not store any confidential information of user and neither we transfer such information to any servers.
BHM File Manager is Developed by Bhima Apps Team to give you the best experience of working with files on your device.

Our goal is to help users have an enjoyable experience when using our apps & games. It would be great if you download & use our File Manager app and write a review based on your experience with it.

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