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Bitcoin Crane

Bitcoin Crane

by The Android App Makerz

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Earn Satoshi with our Bitcoin Crane

What do you do when you have free time? Most likely, you are one of those smartphone owners who immerse themselves in some fascinating app. And how about the Bitcoin Crane App for earnings?

Our App pays the earned rewards in Satoshi Currency. This is virtual money you can store in your bitcoin purse. 

Bitcoin earnings are a good idea for shopping. Once you have collected the necessary amount of Satoshi, you can settle them in a store that accepts cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. 

Terms of use:

-It is forbidden to automate any actions in our app.

-It is forbidden to use any kind of bots inside our app.

-It is forbidden to use any vulnerabilities of our system.

Satoshi/Bitcoin received in violation of our rules of use will not be paid, and your account may be blocked.

If you installed Bitcoin Crane App, this means that you accept our rules and agree that you take full responsibility for using the Bitcoin Crane App.

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