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Black Launcher

23 Mar 2019 App Of The Day

Black Launcher


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Black Launcher is very simple to use launcher for Android devices. See all of your apps in a single list without the clutter of different icons, colors and distractions. Almost entirely black color allows devices with LED (AMOLED) displays to last longer on battery. Extremely small size of the app without any ads. Very fast and super simple to use. Arrange your favorite apps for fast access. Easily uninstall the not needed apps and games. Control the size of the font. Just hold your finger on any of the apps to access those menus.

All features:
- black design for great battery life on LED (AMOLED) displays
- extremely small size of the app
- very simple design without the not needed clutter
- handy menu for easy uninstall of apps
- four quick access apps by your choise
- two text sizes

This is the very first version of the app. Maybe you are asking why this app exist? Many people want to distract themselves from the colorful icons and cluttered screens. This launcher will help those people to simplify their device. And because of the black design the launcher will help your battery to last longer than ever before.

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