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Blur Video Editor - Blur App

28 Dec 2022 App Of The Day

Blur Video Editor - Blur App

by seven sol

  • Blur Video Editor - Blur App
  • Blur Video Editor - Blur App
  • Blur Video Editor - Blur App
  • Blur Video Editor - Blur App
  • Blur Video Editor - Blur App

Blur Video editor apply blurry pixelated effect on video to blur out certain parts of a video. Video blur editor is helpful app to blur the video part through touch blur. Point video blur provides a lot of benefits with its blurring effects. 
Point Blur video editor solves problem of blurring the desired area of video and also blur entire photo. Blur photo editor - Blurring app clearly blur out the certain parts of a picture & video to be uploaded as status. 
To create blurry effects on the specified part of video and picture, point blur video editor has following features:

Blurring App - Blur Faces 
✔To blur face in videos and images, point video blur app helps to blur face in the video or blur entire photo. 
✔Video Blur editor is the best video editing app to blur faces in the videos and to blur background in video.

Blur Pixelated Effect 
✔Video blur app helps to blur object in videos with effects like blur the specified part with black color or blur pixelated effect.
✔Blur photo video editor app blur the selected part with square blur pixelated effect. 
✔Blur objects in the videos also with black color effect.

Point Video Blur Editor
Blur video editor instantly blur any part of the video you want using timeline slider.

Blur Video and Photo Editor
✔To blur video and image blur video and photo editor have auto and manual options.
✔Auto blur helps to blur entire photo and video.

Blurry Photo Editor
✔To blur the inside area of the selected blur square part of the video turns off invert of blurry photo editor.
✔Blur the outside area of the blur square by keeping invert on of blur video editor background.

Video Blur App
✔Touch blur can zoom in and zoom out the selected blur part of video.
✔Save blurred videos in my creation folder of blur photo video editor.
✔Video blur app can increase and decrease the opacity of blurring part.
✔Blur video editor has simple user interface to blur with focus.

How to use blur editor blurring app? 
✅ Select the video or picture to be blurred.
✅ Select auto or manual options to hide something in video & to blur pictures.
✅ Auto blur will blur the entire video.
✅ Select the blurring effect; simple blur, black color blur or pixelated effect.
✅ Draw blur square shape on video canvas to select the part of the video for blurry effect.
✅ Blur editor adjust the size and opacity of blurring effect. 
✅ Save and share the blurred video.

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