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25 Jul 2016 App Of The Day


by EyeT Global Software Solutions

  • BookMyHealthCheckUp.com

BookMyHealthCheckup.com (BKMYHC) is an online marketplace where healthcare service providers of all forms of medical systems, can offer their healthcare services and consumers from any part of the world can discover and book the one that suits their requirement, for themselves or their loved ones. For those who cannot afford to book healthcare services and to take forward our mission of 'Health Checkup for all', BookMyHealthCheckup has a campaign called the 'Gift Of Healthy Life', whereby with every healthcare services a consumer purchases from a healthcare service provider, both the consumer and healthcare service provider automatically contribute to improving the health of another person who cannot afford to buy one. Therefore, the consumers and the health care service providers are not only benefited but also becomes a benefactor to someone, who otherwise might not have been able to afford a healthcare service.

BookMyHealthCheckUp, was set up to address the growing request from domestic and international patients who have been getting in touch with us so as to explore various treatment options which might be available for themselves or for their loved ones in India. The listing of healthcare services is free of charge for healthcare companies and consumers are able to book the packages from the listing.

In this present time and age, it is important that our society is provided with solutions that will eliminate health inequalities as it’s a matter of life and death. Through BookMyHealthCheckup.com portal, we want to provide means and opportunity to the people, so as to achieve a more equal and a healthier society. We hope that our website will help to serve

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