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by David Yao

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Forget to buy shampoo? Feel like doing that pesky math homework later but afraid you will forget? Feeling guilty at night for wasting the day away? Download Booost to solve all these problems!

Key Features:
◾ Reminders - Set a reminder in the future to remember these trivial day to day chores! 
◾ Daily Alarm - Start a productive day with a reminder of uncompleted tasks and ongoing procrastinations!
◾ Procrastination Counter - Note down any tasks you have always wanted to complete but always seem to procrastinate. Let the app remind you and track just how many days you have procrastinated.
◾ Tomorrow Tab - We all have nights where we regret wasting our day. Start a change by penning down what you wish to accomplish tomorrow!
◾App Widget - A convenient reminder of uncompleted tasks

If you have any issue,feedback or improvements for the app, do send them to david.davidyao.yao@gmail.com, or write them down in the review comments.

Enjoy the app!

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