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by Mobiman

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Busihub – The Real Networking

Busihub is a social and professional networking app with the aim of facilitating face to face meetings, expansion of knowledge and collaboration between like-minded people when travelling for business across continents.

The app uses tagged social and professional interests coupled with geolocation and check-in features to match business travellers who are open to meeting others on the similar wavelength socially and professionally.

Networking is about authenticity and meeting people that you like and with whom you have a high degree of social and business affinity.

Networking is not what you are but who you really are and how you can grow with others. Face to face meetings are absolutely critical in today’s virtual and digital business which is preventing people from feeling chemistry when interacting behind devices.

The best business relationships are the ones that are based on an open and transparent collaboration coupled with authentic social/business commonalities between people. If you meet people and you enjoy spending time with, you are going to enjoy doing business with them. This is exactly the value proposition that Busihub brings to the market. Connect with people, grow your real network, share/exchange knowledge and sustain business relationships when you are on the move.

Frequent travellers are currently missing many concrete networking opportunities when moving around and sitting in isolation and ignoring to how much knowledge/asset they can immediately access around them. This is the gap that Busihub can bridge – bringing knowledgeable people together at just one click of a button.

Busihub’s focus lies on real connection of professional people from around the world, rather than just provisioning a platform to build, maintain profiles and randomly meet others. If you are a proactive networker and you are the type of person who is keen to meet new people, cultures and skills, then Busihub is for you. Busihub uses a powerful algorithm that calculates the matching rate combining a comprehensive set of social, professional, networking interests with current location and future travel plans to display an aggregated view of like-minded people on a map from the highest to the lowest matching rates and you choose to connect or not.

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