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ByajBook Debt Manager & Ledger

17 Sep 2022 App Of The Day

ByajBook Debt Manager & Ledger

by ByajBook

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  • ByajBook Debt Manager & Ledger
  • ByajBook Debt Manager & Ledger
  • ByajBook Debt Manager & Ledger
  • ByajBook Debt Manager & Ledger
  • ByajBook Debt Manager & Ledger
  • ByajBook Debt Manager & Ledger
  • ByajBook Debt Manager & Ledger

Byaj Book is a Digital Loan Account Book that allows users to manage their private loans or debts with friends, family, and colleagues.
Replace your traditional Hisab kitab bahi khata/Ledger book with a new digital Loan Account Book.
Byaj Book as a financial assistant provides users with an integrated interest calculator to calculate simple interest and compound interest automatically.
You can opt for this Lending/Debt manager for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly interest.

This Digital Interest ledger allows users to do small business accounting from adding customers,
creating or deleting loans, recording transactions, Automated SMS notifications on loan creation and payments,
Automated Payment Reminders, Loan settlements, Transaction Reports, Party statements, Roj Mel, Settlement Reports,
Loan Closure Reports, Profit/Loss Statements and track your Balance.

Why you should use Byaj Book app?
✔️ Forget Book-keeping: Replace your laal-kitab/Account Ledger/Udhar Book with Byaj Book - Simple and Secured Digital Loan Accout Book with Interest Calculator; manage all your loans with simple and compound interest calculations in this app.
✔️ 100% Free, Safe and Secure : Send Automated Payment Reminders. App Lock to Secure your data.
✔️ Multilingual: Currently the app supports Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi & Hinglish.
✔️ Everything Backed-up: Never lose your data with automatic backup. Every simple interest or compound interest calculation you ever make is saved and will be available to you even if your phone is lost or you wish to use it on another phone; just login to the device using your phone.
✔️ Calculations simplified: Most complex calculations for simple interest and compound interest are done breathlessly by our interest calculator.
✔️ Add notes: Notes can be added to a loan while creating or editing a loan; which can be useful when referring to a loan in the future.
✔️ Automated Payment Reminders: Never miss a payment with the automatic reminder, set collection date, and we will send a payment reminder to you and your customers.
✔️ Send WhatsApp Payment Reminder: Send payment reminder on WhatsApp or any other messaging app for faster payment collection.
✔️ Security lock: You are the gatekeeper of every loan you create on the app, Add a 4-digit Security lock.
✔️ Offline mode: You can view all the details you’ve entered even when you are not connected to the internet.
✔️ Download Reports: You can download various reports like Party Statements, Payment Collection Reports, Loan Closure Reports, Profit/Loss Statements, Transaction Reports and many more; everything is just a tap away.
✔️ Share Reports: You can share reports in PDF format to anyone using WhatsApp, email, or any other messaging application.
✔️ Safe & Reliable: Your data is Secure and will not be accessible to anyone else.
✔️ Go Digital : Use ByajBook and help transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.
✔️ Free Calculator: You can simulate interest calculations for simple and compound interest for a time period by selecting either the date range or number of days/weeks/months/years.
✔️ Made with ❤️ in India

Any category of shop, small business or individual can use ByajBook to manage their lendings or debts:

1. Jewellery shop, Jauhar, gold seller, Money Lender
2. Mobile Recharge, Electronics Repair and Accessories shops
2. Kirana Shop, General Store, Grocery Store, Provision Store
3. Bakery, Fruit and Juice Shops
4. Garments, Hosiery, tailor shop
5. Finance Firms
6. Real Estate brokers

Byaj Book App can be used for :
🔥 Private loans and debts among Friends and Family
🔥 Debts and Private loans among business and office colleagues
🔥 Managing Peer to Peer loans
🔥 Managing Personal Loans
🔥 Managing Mortgage Loans
🔥 Interest Calculator (Simple interest calculator, Compound interest calculator)
If you've any suggestions for us to improve or to add any additional features, please contact us at contact@byajbook.com

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