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27 Jan 2017 App Of The Day


by Claude Newman

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  • CalcNote
  • CalcNote

CalcNote is a notepad calculator designed for smartphones. You can immediately obtain calculation results as soon as you've added any calculations on a line.
CalcNote calculates instantly as you type. No need to tap Equals. You can do multiple calculations over multiple lines, and even connect the lines together using line references. When one line changes, the other lines update. If you make a mistake, you don't need to start again as you can edit your expression like in a text editor.
You can also write memos for your calculations.

Main functions:
- Four arithmetic operations
- Percentage calculation
- Modulo operation
- Supports hexadecimal, octal and binary.
- Rounded, Truncated, Rounded-up values.
- Square root, Cube root
- Power, Factorial, Permutations, Combinations
- Trigonometric functions
- Logarithm, Natural logarithm, Natural exponential functions
- Customizable fonts, colors, display format (European style and Indian style)
- Absolute value
- Save and export expressions

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