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Calculator Vault Security App

Calculator Vault Security App

by waaiz tech

  • Calculator Vault Security App
  • Calculator Vault Security App
  • Calculator Vault Security App

Calculator Vault Security is one of the top anti theft security app which secures your mobile from being theft. Vault locker app helps you to increase mobile security and put locker on all apps which you want to secure.
App Locker feature helps your mobile to be protected from un know access or intruders. You popular apps will be secured with pattern lock and secure password. You don't need to be worried when someone will access your mobile without your permission.
Intruder selfie feature allows user to take selfie of thief who is trying to unlock your phone without your permission. Whenever they try more than 3 attempts and it take selfie and send you by email which you provide in the application.
The Pattern lock feature protects your mobile with application locker facility. Lock your gallery or video files with app locker for gallery feature. Your Gallery images and videos are more secures with this gallery locker android app.
Key Features of Calculator Vault Security App:

1. App Locker to protect apps from un authorized access.
2. Intruder selfie to protect from thief stealing your phone.
3. Pattern lock to protect gallery images and videos.
4. App Password locker to protect mobile security.

Important Note:
This Calculator vault Security app provides app locker and gallery data protection without accessing any personal data . We did not hold any information from your mobile. Check our privacy policy for further data policy.




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