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Camorify - Text and Art on photo

10 Mar 2020 App Of The Day

Camorify - Text and Art on photo

by Ploceus Technologies LLP

  • Camorify - Text and Art on photo
  • Camorify - Text and Art on photo
  • Camorify - Text and Art on photo
  • Camorify - Text and Art on photo
  • Camorify - Text and Art on photo

strong>"Camorify has everything an iPhoneographer could ask for and then some."- AppAdvice.com


Camorify is one of the best photo editing app for iPhone & iPad. With Camorify create beautiful photo by adding art sticker and text on photo and photo collage. Edit photo with filters, overlays, and image enhancement tools. Add Text, captions, artworks, frames on your photo to create stunning graphics, instagram stories, images & pic collage.


Use your own photo or choose from more than one million stock images. Use elegant photo filters, overlays, stickers, shapes, collage layout grid to look your photo beautiful. Create most beautiful image, graphics or promotional image document with Camorify's most powerful 3D perspective and erase tool. Share your photo and collage directly to your favourite social media app like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat. 



Enhance your photo by applying the wide choice of photo filters and overlays. You can take your photo to the next level with best photo editor app -Camorify- which is powered with stunning preset filters or advanced photo editing tools like brightness, contrast, exposure, hue, saturation, sepia, vignette, temperature, blur, highlight, and shadow.



Convey your message in the most beautiful way by adding stickers, Artwork or text on photo. You can choose from more than 150 plus handpicked font to suit your style. The caption can be enhanced with alignment tool which allows you to adjust character and line spacing, curve your caption or text. 



Choose from thousands of artwork, shapes, frames and separators to create outstanding greetings, marketing materials or social posts. Camorify provides you more than 15 categories of artwork to fulfill your need for every occasion.



Camorify has the most powerful erase tool to give the effect of artwork, caption or text behind your photo. The erase tool will delete unwanted part of your text and artwork to make it behind your photo or image.



Create stunning pic collage with hundreds of collage maker layouts and grid. Add special gradient or texture to your photo collage. 


There are many more features make Camorify more powerful. Such features are like:

- Advanced crop option to create the perfect size pictures for your marketing material, presentation, social post or greeting cards.

- Ability to 3D distort your captions, artwork, shapes and collage grids to match your photo style.

- Apply shadow as well as more than four colour gradient to your text, sticker and artwork on your photo.

- Create pictures for food photograph, workout photo collage, Love cards, Birthday greetings, promotional documents at sonic speed.


You can use Camorify as a powerful tool for image editing, social post generator, stunning graphics documents, creating greeting cards, invitations, photo memories, Typography, marketing material, presentation image creator and much more.


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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/camorify/ 

Twitter: @camorify

Instagram: @camorifyapp

E-Mail: camorify@ploceustech.com

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