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Chinese Strokes Order

23 May 2018 App Of The Day

Chinese Strokes Order

by Best app makerz

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  • Chinese Strokes Order
  • Chinese Strokes Order

Learning Chinese can be a bit scary and seems impossible at the first glance. They just seem like scary blocks of words if you don’t know the idea of how they were formed. Before you start learning Chinese writing, you need to know how to write them first. Strokes are the classified set of line patterns that are arranged and combined to form Chinese characters.Once you’ve mastered the strokes and learned the logic behind the radicals, learning Chinese writing will become a lot easier.

If you want to easily learn the Chinese strokes and their order, here we present to you one of the simplest ways to do it.

What is Chinese Strokes Order all about?

This app is an amazing cross-platform learning tool that will definitely help you learn the strokes order. It's perfect for any Chinese learner that owns a smartphone or tablet. Not just useful for learning to write and recognize the Chinese characters, but the app also provides the meaning of those characters. There are many customer reviews that agree with us.

What does it do?

All you have to do is simply type in a Chinese character and let tge app show you its animated stroke order instantly. You can easily change the stroke speed in tge app's settings if you find it hard to keep up, as well. It helps a lot for calligraphy and visualize stroke order. We find it extremely simple, efficient, and easy to use. In addition, Chinese Strokes Order supports both simplified and traditional Chinese and it's completely free!

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