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CICLE: Period, Fertility, PCOS

25 Jan 2024 App Of The Day

CICLE: Period, Fertility, PCOS

by Cicle Health

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  • CICLE: Period, Fertility, PCOS
  • CICLE: Period, Fertility, PCOS
  • CICLE: Period, Fertility, PCOS
  • CICLE: Period, Fertility, PCOS
  • CICLE: Period, Fertility, PCOS
  • CICLE: Period, Fertility, PCOS

Cicle is a women’s health, fitness, and well-being app, that supports women at each stage of their life. Cicle’s enhanced algorithm will help you track your periods, calculate the days of ovulation, and indicate the most favorable days for conceiving a child, and the safest days in the calendar. If you are concerned about regularly tracking the menstruation cycle, conceiving a child, birth control, or similar health-related updates.

Key Features:
Accurate and Reliable
- Accurate predictions based on your own menstrual history.
- Reliable with Artificial Intelligence algorithms providing the best possible results.

Informative Articles
- Articles related to feminine health care will be uploaded on a regular basis.

Interactive Design
- Interactive home screen in which you can see everything at a glance.

Monthly Calendar
- Monthly calendar screen where you can check for the current month and future period prediction.

Never Lose Data
- All the data is backed up to the cloud servers.
- Data can be restored as simple as logging into the account.

Period Tracker Calendar and Calculator
- Notifications and reminders for upcoming menstruation, fertility date window, and ovulation days.
- The algorithm calculates and predicts the future dates as per your own data.

Ovulation and Pregnancy Calendar
-Cicle will assist you through your pregnancy. It helps to track your pregnancy with the baby's weekly growth and follow everyday tips and insights to learn more about the new life growing inside you.
- Calculate the date of your baby's birth and set a countdown.

- Pills Reminder: After adding the medication details, Cicle will remind you to take your pills on time.
- Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure Reminder: Cicle will remind you to measure your Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure data according to your previous records.
- Drink Water Reminder: Cicle will remind you to drink water on a frequent basis.
- Log Sleep, Weight, and Temperature: Sleep, Weight, and Temperature Data help to generate accurate predictions of the forthcoming menstrual cycle, Cicle will remind you to log those data.

Secure PIN Access
- Set a unique Access code to protect your privacy.
- Enable and Disable the Access code as your preference.
- Possibility to recover Access Code by email.

User Stories
- You can submit stories related to your personal experience.
- Stories can be informative/inspirational/motivational to other users.

Mood Sharing
- You can log your health and mood details; and share them with your partner.
- You can share your details with any messaging app of your choice.

Our tracker is easy to use and offers everything you need to maintain track of your cycle, pregnancy progress, or ovulation dates. The app adapts to your cycle history and accurately predicts the key dates that interest you and helps to maintain your health and plan your future events, holidays, and much more.

Additional Premium Features:
- BBT Report
- Weight Report
- Sleep Report
- Steps Report
- Water Report
- Cycle Length Report
- Blood Pressure Report
- Blood Glucose Report

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