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ClinicSoftware® Marketing CRM

14 Mar 2023 App Of The Day

ClinicSoftware® Marketing CRM

by BrRafique

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  • ClinicSoftware® Marketing CRM
  • ClinicSoftware® Marketing CRM
  • ClinicSoftware® Marketing CRM
  • ClinicSoftware® Marketing CRM
  • ClinicSoftware® Marketing CRM
  • ClinicSoftware® Marketing CRM
  • ClinicSoftware® Marketing CRM

The New ClinicSoftware®, mobile app is here!

Make running your business Smarter, Better, Faster. Instantly. Transform the way you work with one place for everyone and everything you need to get stuff done from any device.

The full power of ClinicSoftware® is now available from your device. Easily manage your sales process and sales pipeline with all-in-one CRM right on your mobile.

The ClinicSoftware® app has everything you need for the salesperson on-the-go. Give your business new heights with mobility.

Get the information you need exactly when you need it to make informed decisions from anywhere.

The ClinicSoftware® mobile app keeps your most important data and your business’s pulse at your fingertips.

ClinicSoftware® is your intelligent and friendly companion that stays by your side everywhere your business takes you.

The benefits are:

• Increase your productivity

• See upcoming tasks, to-dos, meetings and reminders associated with your sales deals.

• Stay connected on the go

• Access business contacts, notes, and deals.

• See latest activity and updates from your co-workers

• Start calls or emails directly from a contact's profile

• Access your to-do list and contacts instantly.

• Schedule better with a smart agenda view while planning new activities.

• Look up customer and deal details on the go.

• Visualize sales and marketing trends and make decisions while you're away from your desk.

• Get a clear overview of your scheduled tasks, events, and calls. Set reminders so that you never miss out on a single one.

• Advanced dashboard: Get all the information about your prospects at one place on your fingertips.

• Sales Pipeline: Manage your sales stage and pipeline with just a single tap.

• Push Notifications: Stay updated with your leads and take quick actions from app alerts and push notifications.

• Easy to Use: Every module has a neat and clean UI that stores critical data, making ClinicSoftware® CRM simple yet powerful.

• Log calls and capture the details of your conversation with ease by attaching voice notes.

• Manage activities, deals, teams, tasks, and emails in one place.

• Smart Synchronization allows you to sync all your notes, activities, contacts, deals and reports across the mobile

• Automatic activity reminders based on action triggers helps you take action at the right time

• Setup automated sales follow-ups sequences within CRM

• Access files related to your contacts and deals.

• Record or type meeting and call notes • synced instantly to web app.

• Collaborate with your team in real-time using Feeds and @mention colleagues on posts.

• Sync your data automatically across all platforms without worrying about network connectivity.

• Powerful offline syncing for those long flights and metro rides.

• Start new calls and emails with just one click.

• Get the powerful combination of mobile + web.

• Stay organized

• Quickly add notes and follow-up actions while details are fresh.

• Build better customer relationships

• Experience Mobile CRM for the sales team to win more deals

• Experience Mobility: Manage deals and contact information on your mobile device through a visual deal pipeline.

• Import Contacts: Import your business contacts from Google contacts.

• See history of emails and notes about a contact

• Add contacts and notes into your CRM from ClinicSoftware® App

• Track sales activities from prospect to close on the go

• Manage opportunities in a visual pipeline

• Decreases manual data entry

• Monitor your sales pipeline anytime, anywhere.

• Keep track of sales opportunities

• Manage your calendar and assign tasks

• Follow up consistently with task reminders

If you enjoy using ClinicSoftware®, we’d appreciate a review. If something’s not working right, or you have a great idea you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you at contact@ClinicSoftware.com.

Run your business from anywhere with ClinicSoftware®’s mobile App CRM.

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