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23 Jul 2018 App Of The Day


by Clubbable apps

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Discover high-end nightlife with Clubbable. 

See what's going on in your city any night of the week, easily get on the guest list and reserve tables at VIP nightclubs. Clubbable is also a luxury nightlife network - you can see who else is attending, chat with friends, share photos of your night and much more!

The Clubbable app eliminates the manual process of getting people on guest lists and sorting out quotes for VIP tables to exclusive clubs - where promoters resided to constantly chase social media for new potential guests and that guests had to ”know someone” to get access to the exclusive clubbing scene - this is all in the past!

Clubbable is to create accessibility to the exclusive nightlife for both VIP guests as well as for the party organizers; giving guests the opportunity to create their own perfect night out in a respectable and stress-free environment, where promoters are only able to contact clients when an offer is accepted. Promoters and clubs are given a unique market overview, with exclusive prices and availability summary. All can be managed with a few clicks on your smartphone without ‘having to know someone’ or leaving the ‘control’ for your night out in someone else's hands.

The Clubbable app was released in London in September 2016 with a big launch party at DSTRKT club and has since then become the only app people use for VIP nightlife and clubbing.

New features of the Clubbable app developed continuously, and possible collaborations with other companies considered. The opportunity to add features connected with service businesses into the app is under development.

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