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Coco—Educational App For Kids

14 Nov 2021 App Of The Day

Coco—Educational App For Kids

by RTA

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  • Coco—Educational App For Kids
  • Coco—Educational App For Kids
  • Coco—Educational App For Kids
  • Coco—Educational App For Kids
  • Coco—Educational App For Kids

The best educational games app for kids: learn while playing and staying active!

You are looking for an app to help with literature, maths, geography and a lot more? You don't want your children to spend all their time staring at their screen?
Try Coco—Educational Games For Kids, the #1 learning app for all children which includes a sport's break after 15 minutes of game time. More activity, less screen time!

Coco is a learning program with more than 30 games already available: reading, math, memory, reflex and attention, physical activity and so much more for kids from 5 to 10.


• 🧠 More than 30 games to develop learning skills 🧠
Unlimited kids puzzle fun! Coco offers educational games for your children to help them develop their concentration skills. It is designed to boost your children's mental health, improve their attention, memory and understanding of their surroundings, while enriching their vocabulary. Plus, they're always having fun!

Improve your language and vocabulary with our Syllabus, BrainStorm, Apple Tree games. Discover new words, new sayings and work on your word recognition.

Work on your math skills with our Calculus, Flying Balloons and Silly Sequence games. Solve math problems, revise how to count chronologically and in reverse order.

Stimulate your memory with the ColorMind, Furious Cards and Twins games. Remember color combinations or cards order to develop your attention.

Sharpen your reflexes with the Pop Balloons, Mole's Invasion and Bouncing Ball games. Learn to be fast-minded and good with your reflexes by tapping as fast as possible on the screen.

Work on your problem solving skills and logic with the Congested Parking, Walker and Coco at the beach game.

Develop your understanding with the Quizzle, ColorForm and Hunting Intruders games. Move up the level and adapt your strategy to the instruction.

• 🏃‍♀️ Coco Sport's Break 🏃‍♀️
Every 15 minutes, Coco urges the children to take an active break, with adapted physical exercises.
Coco—Educational Games For Kids offers an physical break to ensure optimal mental health in young children.

• 👩‍⚕️ Designed hand-in-hand with health professionals 👨‍⚕️
Dynseo works with occupational therapists, speech pathologists, psychomotor therapist to develop adapted games for children. Each game has 3 levels of difficulty to adapt and progress at your own pace.

• 🗣 Learning games for everyone 💙
Coco is also used by special needs institutions to stimulate and entertain autistic special needs children (autism, DYS disorders...). Audio description are implemented to help children use the program autonomously and develop their understanding.

• ✔️ Performance follow-up ✔️
Coco—Educational Games For Kids is suitable for children at home to use with their parents, siblings and friends in order to share an activity. Some games allow for a multiplayer mode: with the split-screen mode, they can challenge their parents or siblings. Track performance and kids' concentration with the kids' scoreboard! Parents and educators can view children's game statistics for a personalized follow-up.

The app is free to try for a week and is updated monthly with new content, features and games.
You like our educational games program? The subscription is $15 per trimester or $50 per year.

DYNSEO has received more than 15 awards and prizes for these applications, including the E-health trophies, and the hospital of Tomorrow trophies, with the Coco program.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coco_educationalgames/
Email: coco@dynseo.com

Coco respects the GDPR regulations and guarantees the confidentiality of all players' data.

Terms of Use : https://www.dynseo.com/en/terms-of-use/
Privacy policy: https://www.stimart.com/PrivacyPolicy/PP_stimart_us.pdf

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