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Coins and Medals

Coins and Medals

by Hamilton TenĂ³rio da Silva

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  • Coins and Medals
  • Coins and Medals
  • Coins and Medals
  • Coins and Medals
  • Coins and Medals

This application is ideal for you to collect in coins or medals; and allow you to see your collection at any time, wherever you are! It will be your collection in your pocket!

You register your entire collection with all key information, image, you do the same cell phone, degree of conservation, metal used, degree of rarity, axis position, edge details, nature class, nature of defects, characteristics of each series, nicknames and other than yourself can enter the "Details" field "Note" or "Private".

Every time you take any questions, check for example, if an item that you are offering has a conservation status better than the item from your collection or see a note that made, how much it paid, who sold etc.

This application is new and will be in constant improvement, you can collaborate by sending us suggestions or criticism and indicate the problems encountered.

It is primarily intended to assist you in the management and control of your collection. It is an open product that allows you to create basic entries of qualifying items, series of your choice and every item in each series. There is no fee or payment for use of this open version.

The installation of this application you will receive a registration with rating information, for technical reasons this information can not be deleted for not conflict with collections that you can download in the future, but you can supplement this with registration information of interest.

A small collection "example" is already created for you to understand better how to proceed. You can change or delete it if you wish!

All information recorded by you in this application shall be filed exclusively on your device. No information or image on your collections will be forwarded to the server or copied in another environment, so you should take care of the contents of your device so that you have your safe and secure information.

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