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Commands For Siri: Voice Command Assistant

01 Aug 2021 App Of The Day

Commands For Siri: Voice Command Assistant

by RTA

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  • Commands For Siri: Voice Command Assistant
  • Commands For Siri: Voice Command Assistant
  • Commands For Siri: Voice Command Assistant
Do you know Siri can be your best friend to? Siri and you can talk now even when you don't say anything. Yes, this is not a dream, commands are now not only easy for you to use but also understandable by Siri. Siri will do every right thing that your mind and heart say and just in an exact way. All you need to do is to find the right command and Be Your Own Boss when you have commands and Siri.

There is no limit to the fun and that is why you can also make your sayings and share the fun with your friends and families. There are over 560 commands that you can get in one app, just a few touches, and Siri is all yours. Make commanding easy with this app that lets you get into Siri’s mind and you can enjoy the ultimate fun. From alarms to weather, superheroes to love and dating, ask everything to Siri. Siri’s answer might make you roll on the floor, but will never be disappointing. This app is very much useful for all the iPhone users who are unable to figure out the commanding of Siri. This will make your commanding easier than Google Assistant or Alexa and you will be proud of your voice assistant.

❖ Commands on fingertips - You can get all commands in one app for commanding Siri.
❖ User-friendly - No prior experience or expertise required to use the commands.
❖ Share with friends - Make your sayings and share with your friends and family.
❖ Effective commands - All the commands are equally effective and understandable.
❖ Voice Assistant - The appropriate voice assistant for catering all you need.


❏ Commands on fingertips: From taking a picture to remembering a person’s details, Siri can do it all when you know the right commands. Commands are just a few taps away in this app, just find your category and command what you want. Siri is as much as any human when you communicate the common language. This app bridges the communication gap between you and Siri.

❏ User-friendly: Siri has been a tough game for many and to make it user-friendly, we bring you the solution. Get the commands in no time, just choose the right one you need and make the best out of Siri. You don't have to understand or speak the commands, it’s all sorted just in one app,

❏ Share with friends: Of course, we couldn’t miss out on your friends and families as we love to share when we discover some really good things. Make commanding Siri easy for them too. You can make your sayings and share the sayings with your friends and family, let them try and see what is so amazing about the command and Siri.

❏ Effective Commands: Currently there are over 560 voice commands readily available in the app. We are happy to make the commanding easy and there will be updates as and when needed. All the commands are as effective as it could be so just run them and have fun.

❏ Voice Assistant: Make Siri your voice assistant just by making the right commands and have the satisfaction of having a virtual assistant round the clock without any excuse. With this app, you will never try any other voice assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant as you know Siri is the best.

** NOTE: This App is NOT sponsored, authorised or affiliated with Apple **

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