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Community Compass

Community Compass

by Mobiman

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Community Compass is dedicated to helping people find local food assistance. This app has family sharing set up, hence it can allow up to 6 family members to use it at the same time. Upon downloading this app, you can use it to:

  • Find Free Meals – This app is well suited to help you find the locations near you in which free meals are offered.
  • Find free groceries- You can also rely on this app to find the locations near you in which free groceries are offered.
  • Find Women Infant Children (WIC) Retailers and Clinics- the Community App helps you find all WIC clinics and retailers so that you can utilize your WIC benefits. You can only do this if you are in Marion County, Indiana.
  • SNAP Retailers – With this app, you can also know where various SNAP retailers are located, whereupon you can utilize your SNAP benefits.

This app has a Chatbot known as Shelly. Shelly helps you get the help you are looking for by interacting with you like a customer service agent would do. Shelly also helps you discover whether you are eligible for various Food Assistance Programs.

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