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Construction Report Manager

29 Oct 2017 App Of The Day

Construction Report Manager

by ZAAR Technologies

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  • Construction Report Manager
  • Construction Report Manager
  • Construction Report Manager

Construction management tool allows organized,flexible command of projects via powerful interactive and communicative Application. Smart system allows you virtual project view, control, updating and sharing at your fingertips. The mobile application allows your crew to input project data from the field. It permits departments to connect for optimized productivity, accuracy, enhanced teamwork, reduced rework, and increased project margins and profitability.

This Construction Management App will help manage daily reporting in real time and much more. 

ZAAR Construction Daily Report is specially designed to ensure the accurate and regular flow of information, such as maintenance logs and daily reports of labor, materials and work completion status.


- Construction Company Management System
- Equipment Report
- Expense Management
- Measurement Calculations
- Safety and Emergency Report
- Request for Requirements
- Task and Inspection Management
- Weather Status
- Team Information, Accessibility and Organization
- Plan Document
- Project Photos
- Calculators 
- New UIs
- Offline Report System

- Real time data gathering from field to office
- Request required items for upcoming projects for company
- Smart and effecting interaction between employees and management
- Create multiple projects and can assign multiple engineers to particular projects
- Make Project Estimates, quantifying labor, material, contract and other costs
- Management can create and assign multiple contractors to particular projects
- Set price details of all labor for the contractor
- Easier to estimate projects and time sheets between company headquarters and construction sites 
- Users can manage account with login information provided by construction management
- Evaluations of amount of workload
- Estimation Forms and Reports can be generated in PDF or Excel Format and allows user to share via Email. 
- Automatically calculates total cost of labor, material, subcontracts and the grand totals of estimates
- All labor reports are stored in mobile as well as server

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