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Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas

by DPoisn LLC

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  • Countdown to Christmas
  • Countdown to Christmas

This project started with an online JavaScript app.

This led to a Gadget version, suitable for blogs and other personal web pages.

From the start, my son was saying, "Dad... You really need to make an app out of this." Of course, he was right. So I got to work on it.

Nothing is ever as easy as it first seems. So it is taking me a little while.
The idea here is that I couldn't have just an app. I needed a widget too. I've done this sort of thing before, except that it was always the other way around. In this case, the primary app needed to be the full app. The widget is scaled down, and only counts days. If it were to update every second like the main app does, it would KILL your battery. So, what we have here is sort of like a summary in widget format, that you can click on to see the actual countdown. You can, of course forgo the widget altogether and just launch the app from it's icon.

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