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Counter: Digital Click Counter

23 Jan 2023 App Of The Day

Counter: Digital Click Counter

by Kids land

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  • Counter: Digital Click Counter
  • Counter: Digital Click Counter
  • Counter: Digital Click Counter
  • Counter: Digital Click Counter
  • Counter: Digital Click Counter
  • Counter: Digital Click Counter

You want to keep a count of everything but mistakes are catching you again and again?

The android app "counter" makes counting simple. With custom names, you can add numerous counters. Additionally, enter the necessary values in each counter. This counter click is a very helpful tool to use on your smartphone for both tasbih counting and mantra counting.

Extraordinary Features:

~ Full-screen counter mode
~ Multiple counters for multi-purpose
~ Choose and set different colors for various counters
~ Count in negative values
~ Check countings of each category in a grid view
~ Set custom actions & set counter widget
~ Dark and Light theme modes
~ Organise counters in groups
~ Easy drag and sort available
~ Set maximum and minimum value limits
~ Check counting history
~ Set counting speed

You can use this amazing free online counter as:
~ Digital Tasbeeh counting/tasbih counter
~ Mantra counting
~ Sports activity counting
~ Point counting, net counting, log counting
~ Click speed test
~ Footfall counting
~ Score counting
~ People counter
~ Pushups counting
~ Medicine Counting
~ Movies Counting

How Click Counter & Tally counter works?

~ Download Tally Counter App
~ Click on ‘+’ to create a new counter
~ Give custom name, color, and category to counter
~ Create counter categories
~ Set target value for counter
~ Click on ‘+’ to increase value and click on ‘-’ to decrease value
~ Set min and max target value for the counter
~ Enable and use volume buttons for counter increment and decrement
~ Set the fast counting speed
~ Overview your counters in Grid or List type
~ Light mode / Dark mode available

Why to have Counter: Digital Click Counter app on your phone?

~ To ensure easy and quick countings
~ To count everything without mistake
~ Easy Tasbeeh counting app
~ Simple mantra counting app
~ Tally counter app
~ An easy clicker counter Application
~ Keep count of games you play every day
~ Keep track of the numbers of your daily routine habits
~ Works as log counter & net counter effectively

Don’t wait to install it, you need this app for all your counting tasks, Count it now happily! Do use it and don’t forget to give us feedback as ratings and reviews.

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