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04 Dec 2022 App Of The Day


by Covesto

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Covesto is a social trading platform for traders and investors in the Indian stock markets where users can share stock ideas, analyze trades, compete, learn together, and more.

Trade virtually or for real, we keep a track of your investing performance and help you upskill your trading game. We offer a simple and convenient platform where users can also discover credible stock market experts, view their verified performance, and track their live trades & portfolios. Covesto is a community-based platform that offers transparency into an expert’s profile and helps build the missing trust factor.

Our aim is to transform individual investing into community co-vesting. Hence, we bring you a social network where investors can connect with other like-minded traders and discuss trade ideas openly.

** Key Benefits of joining Covesto **

• Covesto offers an identity to every individual investor. Create your profile, maintain your trading journal, and get analysis on trades. Get performance insights and find the best trading practices to build investing skills. Keep your trades private or show off to the world.

• Stay on top of stock market moves by following real-time and actionable trades by our trading community. Get instantly notified about stock entry-exit levels along with target, stop loss, and suitable reasoning.

• Discover what’s trending and explore the latest buzzing stocks. Watchlist stocks, trades, latest news, and experts to track the best opportunities to invest in.

• Get a peek into the expert’s verified portfolio and their live market performance to learn different trading strategies. Replicate the best trade ideas in a single click and experience trading like a professional.

• Trading doesn’t have to be boring when you can do it with your friends. Stay up-to-date with your friend’s stock market activities. Create community groups, manage trades collaboratively and unlock the power of social investing.

** Covesto Key Features **

• Virtual Trading / Paper Trading:
Post trades on NSE & BSE listed securities and build a portfolio of equities.

• Trade Performance Tracking:
Check how your portfolio and individual trades move in the Indian markets. Keep a check on your returns easily.

• Post-Trade Analysis:
Get insights and analysis on how your market positions and holdings performed during market hours.

• Instant Notifications:
Receive notifications whenever your favorite trader posts a trade. Capture the entire trade execution journey with trade live & closing timings and suggested levels.

• Collaborative Trading:
Build your trading network, create equity trading communities, track stocks together with a group watchlist, share best trading tips, and never miss an investing opportunity.

• Learn Investing from Experts:
Covesto is an introduction to social trading-based stock market learning. Get reasoning-backed trade ideas, comment or ask queries, and get an expert opinion about your stocks.

• Market Sentiment:
Get real-time bullish and bearish sentiment on equity investments. Find trades by top traders on nearly every security in one place.

• Stock Market Chat:
View chats and comments from community members on every trade added to the platform

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