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Cub3D - Python 3.6 3D Programming IDE

24 Apr 2018 App Of The Day

Cub3D - Python 3.6 3D Programming IDE

by U2600 Ltd

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  • Cub3D - Python 3.6 3D Programming IDE
  • Cub3D - Python 3.6 3D Programming IDE
  • Cub3D - Python 3.6 3D Programming IDE
  • Cub3D - Python 3.6 3D Programming IDE
  • Cub3D - Python 3.6 3D Programming IDE
  • Cub3D - Python 3.6 3D Programming IDE
  • Cub3D - Python 3.6 3D Programming IDE
  • Cub3D - Python 3.6 3D Programming IDE

Create, play, edit and share mobile 2D or 3D applets like simulations, data visualizations and games, all whilst using Python:

  • Write Python 2 and 3 code off-line
  • Learn with included tutorials in 30 template applets
  • Compatible with desktop machines too! Panda3D engine at the core
  • Visualize real-world Physics in Bullet, ODE for soft and rigid body
  • Listen to lag-free sounds with Android FastTrack Audio in OpenAL Audio, OGG/Vorbis
  • Compose your own sound and music in lines of code using our synthesizer 
  • Run instantly, Edit, and re-Run of applets. No waiting for compilers!
  • Lightning-fast performance in binary optimized separate ARMv7a and x86
  • Remix variables whilst code runs using applet 'Live' console!
  • Launch icons added for applets to the Android Home Screen
  • Beautiful font support for FreeType
  • Upgrade to the add-on library (30-days free) including:
    • Fully programmable multitouch support for D-pad and on-screen analog controllers
    • Super-fast performance for all sensors
    • GPS support for location-aware applets
  • Compact download size

Premium editor (30-days free) includes support for:

  • Editing lines of code, and graphical GLES 2 Shaders
  • Deconstruct code with block and syntax colouring/highlighting
  • Multi-task with multiple open tabs/scripts
  • No limits to file size! Load a script tens of thousands of lines long (if you wish) and it will still be just as fast
  • Tell the story of your code creation with Bubble comments -- floating above your code!
  • Test your script within the editor and watch the changes in your 3D environment
  • Diagnose your script bugs with custom stack views with line number shortcuts
  • Showoff your shared creations in secure packages
  • Illustrate your Carousel with applet custom screenshots
  • Digitally-sign secure X.509 certificates for your applets & authentic updates

Other super-cool features include:

  • Applets run on smartphones, tablets, TVs, and even WearOS smartwatches
  • No root permissions - run applets and scripts from a micro SD card
  • Collaborate confidently using super-efficent tiny updates within delta update system
  • Science your data using Python's Numpy and PIL imaging library

Even more features if you do connect to a PC! You can:

  • Benchmark code in realtime with detailed performance info
  • Collect fully detailed console output
  • Import Blender compatible Panda3D/Cub3D custom models and textures

Scientific/FinTech modules upcoming are:

  • Numpy (included out-of-box)
  • SciPy
  • MatPlotLib
  • H5Py & HDF5
  • HWRT
  • NatSort
  • NNToolkit
  • YAML

Don't worry, you don't need the latest device to run Cub3D! The faster the device is, the better it will run, though we recommend at least 1GB of RAM. Almost any Android device will work with Cub3D -- that means anything you share should run on your friends' devices too.

There is NO cost for sharing your applets with your friends! Share via WhatsApp groups, Facebook, or Dropbox.

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